The last « mousse » at Jersey (english version)

The start was brought forward 48 hours because of an iffy weather forecast for the Saturday.

With six boats leaving from Dahouet and one from St Quay, the outward trip was very pleasant, with easterly and southeasterly breezes, warm air temperatures and calm seas. We are starting to get used to The Jersey Run now, in fact St Hélier seems to be getting ever nearer to Val André !

Friday evening saw us reconnoitring our usual watering holes, namely The Blue Note and Chambers, not only to check that the musicians were plugged in, but also to let René, our resident dancer, get warmed up for Saturday night…

Out walking on the Saturday, we met our friends Bill Harris and Chris Parlett, who let us know they’d be expecting us at the 2018 “Armor 3 Days” and Jersey Regatta, for which they gave us the dates.

Saturday evening’s weather was curiously calm… After aperitifs, an honourable dinner aboard, and with our anglo-irish-cum neo–breton stowaway Tricolor Mick in tow, the Blue Note Bar beckoned once again… After which it was decided to put back our return till the Monday, foul standing Sunday’s wind for France (NW, 30 kt gusting 45…). Sail No More!

Sunday in St Hélier is somewhat like downtown France – rather quiet, a few joggers, charity collections in the street, with nonetheless the added and unusual social phenomenon of the “bar-room book-keeper” dutifully taking his receipts and ticking off the names in his ledger – money-lender, rentman, insurance agent, sports secretary, christmas-club treasurer ? We were intrigued, but too shy to ask !

A few members of the party having left by Sunday evening’s ferry due to work commitments the next day, the boats followed on Monday morning, and it was basically motoring all the way home…

In effect, the weather is the biggest challenge with this “ last beer cruise”; however, this is more than offset by the enjoyment factor and the chance for crews to get to know each other and also meet crews and boats from outside the club.

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